Welcome to Rolling Bender . . Home of the Drop In Guitar String Bender

Welcome to The Rolling Bender… The only truly “Drop-In” guitar string bender bridge saddle for most Fender style electric guitar bridges. Installation of The Rolling Bender is easy. No need to add the cost of an expensive installation when YOU can install a Rolling Bender yourself. Installation of The Rolling Bender is fast. No need to wait for a specialized install technician because the install only takes a few minutes. Installation of The Rolling Bender is non-invasive. Installing The Rolling Bender on your expensive instrument will not require any modifications to the existing parts in any way whatsoever. The Rolling Bender is available to fit either 6 saddle or 3 barrel Fender style bridges. The Rolling Bender is the ONLY individual string bender available which is completely compatible with original style Fender Stratocaster tremolo systems!

Who we Are

We are a small, family owned and operated company. Having a guitar equipped with a string bender is the dream of many guitar players. But, I’m the sort of person who can often see a different or even better way of doing things. Over the years, I have worked on several different designs of string benders and through a lot of testing and improvement, I have come up with a simple bender that I am quite proud to offer to you.