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Rolling Bender News

Notes from Kenny

Keeping the Rolling Bender in tune.

One of the differences that you will notice separating the Rolling Bender from most of the other benders available today is the lack of on-the-fly tuning/travel adjustments.  Because a guitar that gets played is a guitar that is vibrating, any screw or nut that is not tight or otherwise locked will eventually work itself loose.  You will often notice this on the jack or screws which seem to need constant tightening.  The same is true for the screws and adjustments in any bender mechanism. 

Many of the other bender manufacturors have chosen to deal with this reality by making these adjustments very easy to perform as the vibration of the strings works things out of adjustment.  What I have found is that if the adjustment is prevented from being affected by the vibration of the strings, then it is not necessary to be constantly tweaking your settings.  If you are using the same brand and gauge strings at each string change and if you have effectively prevented the mounting and adjustment screws from working loose due to string vibrations, then there is no need make further adjustments.

All of the screws used in the Rolling Bender are 4-40 thread pitch which is a very small screw.  The use of small screws and locking those screws in place after the bender has been set up and adjusted makes for a very streamlined and non-obtrusive addition to your guitar.  So how do you prevent the screws from working loose and going out of adjustment?  Simply by using a non-permanent thread locker (Loctite threadlocker 242 is my preferred product) but even a dab of fingernail polish around the threads will work too.  The only screw that does not need threadlocker is the main mounting screw.

If you have set up your bender and later on experience tuning issues, check the screws. You will find that it is likely that you have a screw loose :)